Sunday, September 30, 2018

And ... it's Aractober again!

I've been saving my spider photos for this; it's Aractober, 2018.

For those who've missed previous years, this is a Flickr group where we each post one spider photo per day for the first two weeks of October, then two a day for the last half, coming up to Hallowe'en. Good fun, great photos; with 246 members so far, we've amassed over 9,200 spider photos. Come see! Come join us!*

Here's my opening entry for this year; a spider I just noticed this afternoon, with her dinner.

16 legs: cellar spider, 8, unfortunate harvestman, 8.

The spider is about 1/4 inch long, not counting the legs, of course.

*Also on Twitter . #Aractober


  1. I'm still struggling!I did see some small Nephile a few weeks ago, but they disappeared before I could get a camera!

    1. It's probably early in the year for you. We seemed to have 'way fewer spiders this year than in previous years, but in the last month, the population has exploded, outside and in.

  2. Such delicate legs. - Margy


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