Monday, July 09, 2018

And now I have crane flies

First there were spiders, then moths, then more spiders chasing the moths. And now the nights are lively with jittery crane flies. They come in two sizes; small ones, about 3/4 of an inch long, and the big, hysterical ones, 4 1/2 inches toe to toe.

One slowed down finally. I found him dying on my dinner table.

Nose to wingtip, 4 cm. The legs, though are 6 cm. long. No wonder some people call them "Daddy longlegs"!

This is a male; the end of his abdomen has graspers to hold his mate. She will have a pointed tail end, with an ovopositor.
Flying about, they look like huge mosquitoes. But they don't have the mouthparts to attack humans, and most adults don't eat at all; they're too busy mating and laying eggs.

This is one of the smaller crane flies, very much alive. The three-pronged grasper is visible at his tail end.

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