Sunday, March 18, 2018

Blue water

... and a few birds. Photos from various points along the shore.

Logs, waves, distant mainland

This stretch of shore, near Salmon Point, gets the brunt of any wind or storm that blows up the channel. And I think because of that, it has built up a wide log barrier, difficult to climb over, especially carrying a bag for trash and a camera. This is an "easy" spot; some include huge tangled root masses, upside-down, and precariously balanced, teetering trees.

Mallards, objecting to my approach. Off Shell Road beach.

The third erratic, that I haven't reached yet because I was trying to keep my feet dry. What treasures lie beneath?

Great blue heron, just before he left, too. 

A small flock of wigeons. At the boat launch near the 50th parallel marker.

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  1. I wonder if our heron will be back this spring. I sure hope so. - Margy


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