Friday, November 03, 2017

Remnants of a flock

I don't see Canada geese on land often these days. Someone decided they were a pest, messing up our soccer fields, (or, more properly, returning the land to a natural state) and got permission to kill almost a thousand of them. The remaining birds stay well away from humans.

So I was surprised that this pair, resting at the outer end of the Oyster Bay sandbar, allowed me to come so close.

Alert, but so far, so good.

Aware of me, cautious. I like the way her feet make holes in the water.

"Too close! Go away, human!"

"I never hurt a bird in my life!" I tell them, but they have no reason to trust, do they?

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  1. There was talk earlier about having a cull, but I remember reading we were trying out a device that uses flashing solar powered lights. It is supposed to keep the geese from being able to sleep so they leave the area. At least that is better than killing them. - Margy


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