Monday, November 06, 2017

On a driftwood log

Three links in a food chain:

Clump of mushrooms growing out of a driftwood log.

Maybe four links: people felled the tree, possibly. Then the ocean carried it to Salmon Point and threw it onto the shore. Here, mushrooms are eating the wood. And something is enthusiastically eating the mushrooms; the bites look like those of slugs or snails.

I looked for the slugs, but they are usually night feeders, especially out in the open. I couldn't see any, nor any sleeping snails. The logs make good, sturdy roofs for slug bedrooms, down in the dark and damp.


  1. Definitely shroom season. A lot of the vacant storefronts have turned into shroom shacks. I don't know enough about them to take a chance to go picking for our table. Got a question for you. What do you know about minks. We have noticed one at the cabin in the last two weeks. We had two day sightings (one on the deck looking in at us through the glass door), two at night where it made a lot of racket and scratched on the door once and window once, and a quiet visit last night where I caught it on the critter cam. I've read they are good at catching mice, that would be a good thing. There isn't much written about problems unless you have a chicken coop. Just wondering if you've had any experience with them. - Margy

  2. Minks! No, I haven't seen one in years. And I don't know more than that tidbit about catching mice.

    1. He came back the next night and ran up and down the roof. It seemed like an otter having fun sliding down a muddy slope or in the snow. Maybe he was chasing a mouse, but I doubt it. And all the bats left the roof a month ago. I keep using the critter cam. One night he jumped on the picnic table and looked directly into the lens. There are no lights or sounds, so I don't know what attracted his attention. - Margy


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