Monday, August 07, 2017

Where's my dinner?

I collect fresh sea water for my aquarium from a local boat launch, where I can dip my buckets into deep water without wading out. It's a favourite gathering place for gulls; when they see me coming, they hurry over. Because what's the use of buckets if not to carry fish guts for them?

Advance scout, and the reflection of a line-up on the far side of the pool.

Sorry, y'all; no fish guts today, either.

Occasionally, they get annoyed and scream at me. This time, they just looked disapproving.

One of my guides, Birds of Coastal British Columbia, divides the gulls into "pink-legged gulls," "yellowish-legged gulls", "Heerman's gulls", and "small gulls." They list seven different local pink-legs, which, of course, being gulls, have many different colour patterns according to their age, their sex, the time of year, and their interbred status. So confusing!

So I appreciate this new division. The gull above is a pink-leg. No doubts!

1 comment:

  1. What a brilliant idea, fetching sea water!
    I fill my goldfish pond with the water barrel, but that is pretty easy and automatic!
    cheers from Ontario!


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