Monday, July 31, 2017

Two-eyed spider

Who knew? Spiders have two eyes, not six or eight!

Well, one spider, anyhow.

I have proof!

Two-eyed cellar spider, with supper.

Zooming in:

Two googly eyes.

Well, maybe that's not exactly proof: maybe it's just evidence. But here's more:

See? Clearly two eyes! And two fat fangs. Click to zoom in.

Well, maybe. Maybe it's a trick of the light. Or the angle; she was hanging far over my head, after all.

But, here she is again; two eyes, see!

Ok, ok, if you insist: another 4 eyes are on the top of her head, the black dot in the center (looks like a nose) is another two, and I've got the dinner fly's viewpoint.

All the fly sees, I think, are the fangs. Fat, venomous fangs.

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