Tuesday, March 28, 2017


On the shore of Menzies Bay, just above the usual water line, lichens decorate large rocks.

Bull's-eye lichens, Placopsis sp.

Zooming in on one of the targets. The roughened, round structures, mostly toward the centre, are reproductive organs.

Another bulls'eye, on a rock higher on the shore. This one is a pale green; whether it's a different species, or just damper, I can't tell. Note the bit on the far right; it's blue-grey, and the leaf shape matches those on the previous rock.*

The red arrow points to the lichen. I was following the trail to Ripple Rock, at the narrow point of the channel, but stopped here.

*Update: On INaturalist, this one has been identified as a Rockshield, Xanthoparmelia sp.

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