Sunday, January 08, 2017

Was this a fix or a mistake?

I've made a few changes to the template of the blog; adjusted a couple of colours, widened the page. Sometimes, though, changes make things worse, rather than better. What do you think? Does this work, or should I change it back?

Random photo to see how it fits:

Canada goose, Campbell River Estuary.


  1. Looking at this page via an iPad Pro. The photograph could be displayed 60% larger and still stay within the template body.

    Is your new theme responsive? If so, the theme should render photographs based on device screen size.

    Your photographs deserve as much screen real estate as possible. 😀😀

  2. Thank you, Bruce! I don't know how responsive Blogger is. But I can try selecting the largest size for the photos, instead of the second largest, and see how that looks.

  3. The largest (original size) didn't work. It posts the photo out into space. Maybe I can re-size my photos to somewhere in the middle.

    1. I can use a 900px wide photo on both of my sites. On my photography site I use a photo carousel that allows the photographs to be expanded to 1024px wide. As bloggers we worry about site speed declines from using photos that are too large. So, we compress or re-size the photos, and in doing do reduce the quality of our work. Nothing worse than to post a photograph that is tack sharp only to have it lose that sharpness because of our file size reduction process. No easy answer...I know I can't post 12-15mb photos. 😀 If everyone had super fast internet service things would be different. Added complexity comes from the increasing use of mobile devices. On my blog, over half the readers now access my site with mobile devices. Even if the photographs are wonderful, they are served up to fit on small 4-10 inch screens. 😡 Retina screens do help. I have generally been pleased with how my photos look on social media. The smaller size does help lessen noise in my low-light sports photographs,

      Just rambling here...😀

  4. Yes, Blogger reduces the photos automatically, even for wide screens, which sometimes kills the photo, but they're aiming for speed. Right-clicking gives a link to the full size, as I loaded it. This is already reduced from my original, which wouldn't fit on most screens.

    It might be a good idea to add a note to the bottom of my posts about right-clicking. Sometimes I mention that with a photo that really needs to be inspected in a larger size.


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