Wednesday, December 21, 2016

High water at Oyster Bay

After the swan count this morning, I stopped by Oyster Bay to look at ducks. Last week, there was a flock of about four to five hundred; mixed mallards and wigeons, plus a variety of little peeps dashing about the tide flats, eating what looked and smelled like rotting muck. Delicious!

This week, the tide was higher than I ever remember seeing it here, and the breakwater that surrounds the lagoon and the tide flats was almost completely covered. A few birds still waited there for the water to recede.

Wigeons in flight, disturbed by my presence on the path above.

They make trails in the water as they leave.

At the tip of the remaining breakwater. Wigeons, pintails, mallards, peeps and a crow.

And one Canada goose.

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  1. I keep seeing a bird I think might be some kind of Grebe near the cabin. It never gets close enough for a good shot with my little camera, but it has a good sized body, a pointed bill, and dives like a loon or fishing duck. Maybe if I wait long enough it will come inside the log boom for a closeup. - Margy


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