Saturday, July 16, 2016

Perfect fit

(Catblogging interlude)

Cats always know how to make themselves comfortable.

Chia in her favourite spot.

After the kitten dumped three breakable ornaments off the table, I gave up and put an old basket there. She adopted it right away.

The pink "blanket" is a sweater that I foolishly left draped over a chair back. Chia dragged it up to line her bed.

I had forgotten what it's like to live with a kitten. My last cat adopted me when he was already middle-aged, and lived a good, long life. A good, long, peaceful life. Chia is only peaceful when she's sleeping.

But she's good company when she's awake; we have interesting conversations. For example:

Me: Why are there shreds of something pink all over the carpet I just vacuumed?
Chia: Mrrrow?
Me: Good question, eh? Do you know anything about this?
Chia: Yawns, stretches, wanders off to the next room. Comes back dragging the remains of a sock.
Me: Oh. Good thing I found the other slipper, then, isn't it.
Chia: Mmmmmm. Drags the sock into a safe corner under a chair, shakes it a bit - just a warning to behave - then rushes out to attack the vicious monster lurking behind the mirror. I am well protected.


  1. I had forgotten how active little kitties are!

  2. I love your conversation!

  3. As she grows that basket will become a plate. She is lovely. Every life should have a sweet cat.'

  4. awww she's so cute!!


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