Thursday, February 11, 2016

Bridge warning, McCreight Lake

Should I risk it?

Someone has pencilled in a "68". Faintly, as if they weren't quite sure.

But if you're going fast enough, the bridge won't have time to decide to collapse, maybe. I made it across, twice.


  1. A troll is standing by, accumulating personal totals. Beware when your total exceeds 68,000 kgs, as that's when it will demand the toll!

    1. I wonder how much a fully-loaded logging truck weighs.

    2. Just checked; the maximum weight allowed in Alberta (didn't find BC) is 63,000 kg.

  2. There are some bridges on logging roads that really make you stop and wonder, even if you are only on a quad. - Margy

  3. Margy, I crossed one bridge, further down that same road. No sign, but rotting support beams on the side. Of course, I only noticed that once I was on the bridge. And then had to come back the same way. At least, the creek underneath wasn't too far down, and someone would have rescued me eventually.


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