Monday, October 12, 2015

Blue hills

I still have a few photos left from the Bella Coola trip: these are from the beginning of the start of the run-up to The Hill (always capitalized like that.

The mountains of the Bella Coola Valley, from near Heckman Pass.

Zooming out to show the gravel road, and a bit of the car motor.

From here, just inside the eastern edge of Tweedsmuir Park, the road goes down, down to a bridge over a creek, then up over a ridge, down again, up again, with each drop more precipitous. And then the road goes stark raving mad, dropping in grades up to 18% (7% is considered a steep hill), twisting and reversing, sometimes down to one rutted lane around blind rock faces, with nothing on your left but a sheer drop down, down, down to the tops of trees and your road below you. And then there is a river, and the road levels out, and you're at the foot of those mountains in the distance of these photos.

Kids drive up and down The Hill for fun. I white-knuckle it, but it's still exhiliarating.


  1. Even for BC that's some Hill!

  2. It is. It's got quite a history, too.


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