Sunday, August 16, 2015

Unwelcome bedmate

I love spiders, but not in my bed, please! This one woke me up in the middle of the night by tickling my cheek.

A very small jumper, with green eyes.

He loved the camera; one big, round, shiny eye, as round and glittery as his own.

Except that he's got more of them, even in the back of his head.

While I went for a container to trap him in, he disappeared. I went to sleep the rest of the night in a chair.


  1. Ah! Geeze. He just wanted to make friends. Jumping spiders have so much character and you caught it.

  2. My favorite spider. When my daughter was little I used to point them out to her and we called them, "fuzzy mandibles" because they looked fuzzy. The mandibles part is probably incorrect, be we called them that anyway. "Oh look, mom, a fuzzy mandibles!"

  3. Susan, they're pedipalps, but they're definitely fuzzy!


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