Saturday, June 20, 2015

Inconvenient moths

When I opened my curtains in the early morning, I woke up this moth, on the far side of the glass.

Green moth, doing her morning stretches, through a double-paned window and a bird-protection decal.

Her wings are badly torn and frayed; looks like she's tangled with a chickadee or two. From the shape and colour, though, I think she's another Common Emerald moth, Hemithea aestivaria.

The long curved line crossing her body and wings is the edge of a transparent decal that is supposed to keep birds from banging head-on into the glass. I think they work; since I put them up a couple or three years ago, only a few young chickadees, too inexperienced to know better, have hit the window. They reflect ultraviolet light; we don't see it, but the birds do. It's probably a good place for a moth to rest, if she must be in an exposed spot.

I tried to get a photo of her back, but I had to move that green table, and she left before I could get close enough for a decent focus. But on my way back inside, I noticed this one hiding in a dark corner between the door and the potting shelf.

A very tidy little moth. Unidentified, as yet. Update: Large tabby, Aglossa pinguinalis.

I got the photo, but also got spider webs from the potting shelf in my hair.

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