Monday, April 27, 2015

Oh, my poor garden!

My spring garden is coming along beautifully; we've had warmer than usual weather, and a bit of gentle rain. The perennials I put in last year are spreading and are just about to open their flowers. And then this happened!

(My video processing programs are acting up, so here's the file, as shot. I'm wondering how Blogger will handle it.)

The London Pride did just fine, of course, and I'm surprised that the Dutchman's breeches weren't completely pounded into the mud. But those white flower buds; one brave, raggedy flower is still standing. The sweet woodruff has disappeared, and the English cowslips are no more.

And then the sun came out and smiled innocently on the churned mud and ice.

(Update: The video ran for me on mute until I fixed it. Turn on the sound: loud! That's how it was. I don't know what that metallic tinkling was; maybe hailstones on ceramic flower pots.)

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