Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Just another lost hospital visitor

Hospitals are for humans. Multi-legged critters are not invited. But somehow, this western conifer seed bug found his way in, down the hallways, through automatic doors, around corners. And couldn't find his way back.

"Which way is the exit?"

We found him in a sunny window, on the sill. I took a couple of photos before my battery died. So instead, I picked him up and let him wander around my hand. After a bit of exploring, he flew off, smacked into the window, and dropped to the sill where we had found him.

He was all tangled up in threads and dust; no telling how long he'd been roaming, looking for a way out.

So I picked him up and carried him carefully around those corners, through those doors, down the Garden Walk, to the door to the outside. And he flew off my hand, up and away over the garden wall.


  1. Just exactly what I would have done. I hate to see insects that fly around in the sunshine stuck inside a building. I think I identify with them and imagine what it would be like not to be able to get out.

  2. A wonderful rescue.

  3. Oh, hooray! I've done the same, back in my office days, including a poor little tree frog in a stairwell dried out by clinging dust & hair. Relocated & cleaned, much better off. SO glad you hear you helped it out. 'Cause why not? =)

  4. How nice of him to brighten you day. Beautiful photo.

  5. You were the cure. - Margy


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