Thursday, February 19, 2015

Pink and white

Laurie's Daphne is blooming again!

I love the rumpled buds.

These plants are slow starters, and picky about their conditions, to boot. And Laurie planted his at the wrong time of year, then it had a difficult winter, too much water in the summer, and no care this winter at all. I'm surprised to see it still growing.

They are supposed to be extremely fragrant, but I haven't noticed any scent. I just discovered why:

The scent is so thick that on warmer days it can envelop a neighborhood. (From Portland Nursery)

Oh. We haven't had any "warmer days". Not even warm days. I'll wait for a sunny afternoon, and check again.


  1. There is a website copying and posting your photographs and work. They copy my work as well. I have been sending messages to stop doing this. You might want to do the same.

    Here is a link to something I saw your work on their website.

    My blog is being copied each time I write something without any permission or notification. It's this link:


    Gordon Smith

  2. Thanks, Gordon. Several sites do this, but they post a link to my blog; these people don't, and then they add objectionable ads. I wonder how we can stop them?

  3. I sent them a message. Somehow, just looking at my content over there, then clicking on the "contact" link, multiplied tabs open to their various ads.

    I doubt that the message will do any good.


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