Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Brand new!

The year, of course; 2015. How time flies!

So do snails. Case in point: this newly-hatched leafy hornmouth snail, getting ready to leap from his sheltering holdfast.

Moving right along.

A moment later, he had dropped down on a thread of slime and ballooned off in the current. I caught up with him on the far end of the tank, now on the sand and burrowing fast, soon out of sight.

Good luck, little snail! And a Happy New Year to all!


  1. Without knowing anything about this snal I'm finding it difficult to make out what's what in the picture.

    But that's one of the things I appreciate about this blog - hardly anything have I ever come across before. Another world!

    I wish you (and the little snail) a very Happy New Year. May it be filled with lots of observations and interest - as well as good food, friendship and all sorts of things needful for life.

  2. About the new robot thing - I don't have word verification on but the 'I'm not a robot' box comes up anyway - even for me when I'm signed in as the blog owner!

    You do have word verification on - but not only are there no letters to copy, I didn't even click to say I'm not a robot. I just clicked for the comment to post itself and it did.

    What an utterly pointless addition they've bunged in! And for anyone who does who need the protection of word verification - they've lost it!

  3. Lucy, I'll write about the snail soon, and that should clear things up. For now, all the brown things are the "roots" of a holdfast attached to a clam shell. The snail egg cases were laid in the shell.

  4. Happy new year, Susannah! I'm admiring your photography more every year.

    Lucy, Google recently implemented additional algorithms that detect whether you're a human by your other interactions on the page. That has simplified the word verification process.

  5. What an interesting thing to observe. Happy New Year to you, too. - Margy

  6. Thanks, Tim! That's encouraging.


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