Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Begonia. And Canada Day.

White is such a wonderful colour for deep shade; it glows even when the sun doesn't.

Small begonias in a hanging basket with bacopas.

And it's Canada Day; happy interrupted* long weekend, fellow Canadians!

*(Canada Day, July 1st is a Statutory Holiday. All public institutions close; those who have to work get double pay; most of us are heading out of town or to the nearest beach. When it falls on or next to a weekend, we get 3 days off, rather than 2.  And when the Stat. Holiday falls on a Tuesday or Thursday, as it does this year, we often make it a 4 day weekend, long enough to go for a decent road trip. But some employers stick to the letter of the law, and make Monday a normal working day, which gives people 2 days off, one day on, one day off. Much grumbling.**)

** Since we're retired, we don't care; we work every day, or not, as it pleases us. Our plans for the holiday this year include gardening (mostly Laurie), chasing spiders with the camera (me), and maybe de-cluttering the storeroom (me) and old documents (Laurie). We'll head for the beach another day, when it's not so crowded.

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  1. I love learning different perspectives. I've (in general) not been a fan of white flowers. Kind of a nut for color. BUT, your point re: a glowing light in a dark world, is a great one that never occurred to me.

    Husband wanted to repaint our house white & I refused. TOO BLINDING. It's SO freakin' sunny & bright here, it literally hurts my eyes.

    Thank you for the edification. =)


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