Saturday, July 12, 2014

And another ...

It's moth season. Every time I water the garden, or pull a weed, or check a hosta for slugs, I wake up a big yellow underwing, or a little whitish, fluttery moth, or something dark that flies straight at my face and disappears before I finish ducking.

This afternoon, I discovered this one, sleeping on my bathroom wall. I didn't wake it up.

I love the pattern on these wings. They measure 2 inches, wingtip to wingtip.

Another one to attempt to identify before I bother the good people at BugGuide.


  1. I have ones like that up here too. The patterns are so beautiful and intricate!

  2. This one's a geometrid, a measuring worm adult, but BugGuide didn't get any more specific than that.


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