Monday, March 31, 2014

Mine! Mine! Mine!

I'm still sorting photos. I keep running across files that I had put aside for later, and then forgotten. I've started a list to be processed and posted; some are from as far back as 2009.

I found this tiny spider on a rock this afternoon, in a photo series from 2012:

"Hey! Who are you? And no, you can't have any of my lunch! Scram!"

Did she know she had such a large, threatening shadow? I doubt it, because when I came a bit closer, she dropped her meal and jumped back to assess the situation. I stopped moving, and she came right back to pick up where she left off.

"Better grab it quick or that nasty one-eye will take it. She can go catch her own. I'm not sharing!"

Looks like her meal was another spider, or maybe a small harvestman. She was welcome to it.


  1. Fascinating! It was you who inspired me to try macro photography! Many thanks!

  2. Unique spider markings. I organize my photos by month and year, but that doesn't always make it easy for me to find something. - Margy

  3. Ceratina2:48 pm

    Great zebra shots!

    You might consider photo organizing software such as Lightroom. It's well worth the money and learning curve. Not only can you use keywords for organization instead of folder structure (and easily find e.g. all 3+ star pics with spiders shot in october of any year in your yard), but you can do almost all of your editing right there, and easily make multiple versions of the same master file that don't take up much disk space, and no precessing touches the master at all. Very useful for having separate croppings for bugguide, your blog, and printing, or for experimenting with different effects.

    Lightroom is usually about $150, but often goes on sale for around $100. On a Mac, Aperture is another good one for $80 (it's what I use), or the free iPhoto is ok. I have a friend who likes Corel Aftershot Pro (cross platform), usually around $80. You should try them all out (all have demos) before buying though, because it can be hard to switch from one to another. The metadata (location, keywords, etc) isn't too hard to move, but the processing instructions for the pics are program specific.


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