Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Bed and breakfast fail

Laurie caught this western conifer seed bug, out for a stroll around the house while the weather was warm. I housed him in a gallon jar with a tiny spider I've been watching since she was a pinhead. He liked it there; a comfortable, even temperature, a few dry leaves to hide in when he wanted to sleep, an interesting view out the door. He wandered over there every day to look at me, ask for a drink. He wasn't hungry; eating can wait for summer and running sap in the trees.

The spider wasn't a problem; she hangs out in a miniature web at the top of the jar, rarely moving, waiting for some tiny flying insect. A skinny mosquito is a week's meals for her.

I took the bug out when I cleaned the jar, and he walked tamely along my fingers, then without any fuss ambled back into his leaf litter. A friendly guy; these bugs usually are.

When the light was right, I took a photo of his underside as he walked on the glass.

That long needle-like tube is what he uses to bore into the trees for sap. He's missing one leg.

I planned to bring him out and get some good photos; face shots, back shots; he wouldn't mind posing. But I was busy, and I waited. And yesterday, he turned up all wrapped up in spider web, upside-down and dead.

They do like to come inside for the winter, but they are so vulnerable to spiders! But I never expected his quiet jar companion, no bigger than this guy's head, to have done him in.

So sorry, pal! Next time, when your cousin comes by asking for a warm corner, he'll get a whole jar to himself. No spiders, not even minispiders.


  1. Oh, my! I'm sure you are forgiven. The cycle of life, and all that!

  2. I'm not surprised your bug became dinner. I once found a tiny spider skilling a yellow jacket on my windowsill. I think the spider was about the size of the yellow jacket's eye!


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