Thursday, December 12, 2013

Remembering Josephine's

Sorting photos, I came across this old photo, one of my favourites.

Abandoned house, "Josephine's", tote road, Atnarko River valley.

This was taken in the 1980s, with one of those little Kodak Instamatics, old even then. There iswas an old gravel and mud road following the river from the Bella Coola highway to the trail head going out to Lonesome Lake, the road better walked than driven, even then. From the shade of the forest, you come out to a sunny field, with the silent house in the center, curtains still hanging, doors locked. The trail to the front door is overgrown with tall grasses.

The next house is over an hour's hike away, at Stillwater Lake.

This is one of my best memories; I've dreamed about the house ever since.

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  1. This house really does capture the imagination and must have been a welcoming sight in its day. Even in an abandoned state one can see it was well designed and its location well placed where the sun shone best.


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