Thursday, October 17, 2013

Prospective tenant

The days are still sunny and warm, but the nights, this week, are getting cold, with the temperatures moving towards zero. I have brought my prayer plant in for the winter; the Christmas cactus will be moving inside in a week or so.

And the Western conifer seed bugs are also thinking of warm winter quarters. One was hanging out on my car door the other day. Not a good choice; the car sits outside all winter, in this climate.

This one (or maybe it's the same one, wising up) was waiting just outside the front door for someone to let him in.

"Can you spare a quiet corner? I'm a good house guest, friendly, don't smoke, don't sing, don't eat carpets."

Well, no. Not today. But I'm sure he'll eventually find his way inside when I'm not looking. And maybe my spiders won't eat him this year. Maybe.


  1. Do you have "Box-elder Bugs" (Boisea trivittata)? They're cute, have just shown up in eastern Ontario in the past few years, and according to websites are one of the major causes of emotional distress in the United States. we're starting to get Western Seed Conifer Bugs, and the foresters are all of a dither.

  2. I saw a gathering of box-elder bugs on a wall in Grand Forks, in south-central BC, a few years back, but never since, never here.

  3. We used to get conifer seed bugs, one or two every year. Sometimes a boxelder bug as well. Now it's just hoards of brown marmorated stink bugs and a fair number of multicolored asian lady beetles. Oh, and carpet beetles, though I never see them until they are trying to escape.

    I wonder if the stink bugs have edged out the conifer seed bugs, or if there are just so many of them that I no longer notice the lone seed bug.

  4. What an interesting shape he is!!!


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