Friday, September 06, 2013

Wild thunderstorm, amazing lightning!

We had a major thunderstorm all afternoon and evening, raining harder here than I ever remember. Thunder rumbled every few minutes, and several times the thunder almost coincided with the flash; it must have been striking very close to us.

I unplugged the computer and the external modem, and left them that way until I was sure the storm had packed up and moved far away.

We were lucky; lightning struck several houses, exploded, burned, and felled trees (some on houses), and killed three horses taking shelter under a tree. 6000 people are still without power, whereas our lights didn't even blink.

GlobalBC says there were more than 200 lightning strikes over the region. Their report with photos and videos includes an astounding photo of a double lighting strike over downtown Vancouver, with a double rainbow, and a reflection in the Kits pool in the same shot!

On CBC, there's another freak lightning strike, this one making a figure 8 in the sky.

I have no photos; it was raining too hard to see anything but the flashes of lightning.


  1. I am in Redmond WA and it did not start here until about 1030 last night

    it was the best storm I have ever experienced. It was fun to watch out the window but I had to roll over and try to get to sleep.

    Something was hit nearby. Neighbor thinks a tree in the park, but by the light of morning I don't see anything yet. Sorry sad about the horses, glad you and yours are not harmed.

    Forecast for 5 - 10 inches of rain at Mt Rainier.


  2. Wow, so even you have had a taste of the wondrous thunder storms. The hail did the damage here. Too bad about the horses. I have never been in such storms ... we had 3 consecutive ones (3 nights in a row) though the middle one wasn't as bad.

  3. Anonymous8:00 pm

    Hi Susannah, I have nominated your wonderful blog for the Leibster Award! I'll post details this weekend. Have a pleasant Saturday and congratulations on your nomination!

  4. Very neat.

    (Plus, I just read how and why the outside appearance of a double-rainbow will show a reverse color spectrum. And, boom, there is proof!).

  5. Bill, interesting! How and why does that happen? Where did you read it?


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