Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Rare glimpse of varied thrush

My old camera sits in a drawer by my desk, just in case something lands in the birdbath. I had forgotten how long it was since I looked to see what it held. This pair of varied thrushes showed up just beyond the garden a month ago. I haven't seen them since.

I think this is the female, with my wooden heron guarding her.

The pair, poking through the soggy moss and buttercup leaves that is supposed to be a lawn.


  1. What a fortunate capture, yes to female v male

    I love the sounds they make, lonesome quiet plaintive

  2. Love seeing these pics! When we lived in Port Townsend, WA we saw Varied Thrush pretty often. Now that we are in the Sierra foothills, I've only seen one once. They are such beautiful birds.

  3. Wonderful shots - we see them quite rarely down here too. Your lawn looks like mine - a bit of everything - but it makes for very happy birds.


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