Thursday, April 25, 2013

Heart of stone

On the White Rock beach today, someone had carefully placed two small stones on a flat rock above the tide line.

Interesting mix of purple, red, and cream.

I didn't notice until I looked at the photos, that the red stone has an engraved heart. Look on the right side of the photo, near the "neck". A heart for Clytie!

I'm glad I got a bit silly and added some more stones that fell to hand.

Hard-hearted sunbather

There! The heart is now in the right place, on the sun worshipper's left side.


  1. Not silly - brilliant! A very good use of stones.

  2. I love the sunbather!!!

  3. It is never a bad time for chubby rocks to go on a diet.

  4. Love your sunbather. We are often at Boundary Bay - we could almost wave to you across the waters. Great photos. I must build me a stone person the next time we are at the beach. We also love the beach at Birch Bay State Park.

  5. Thanks, Lucy! Sometimes silly and brilliant coincide.

    Hi, JoAnn! (waving)


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