Monday, November 05, 2012

Spectral chickadee

I've been trying to get photos of towhees -- too timid -- and juncos -- too jumpy --, with not much luck. They don't mind the BirdCam's flashes, but mostly the photos show a place where there was a junco a second before.

But I had to laugh at this one.

Junco and the ghost of a chickadee in the rain. The junco seems a tad perturbed.

I don't know how the camera caught half a transparent chickadee, rather than a flying one.

One junco sort of in focus. Another few thousand photos, and I might get a good shot, maybe.


  1. Fantastic! And the answer is very clear: it *was* a ghost chickadee that had materialized just enough to seize a seed and thus be partially captured by your camera. I can see the new field now: Ectoplasmic Ornithology!

  2. Wow. That IS amazing. I'm SO glad you shared it. Now I'm automatically thinking about how I can get the same effect... =)

  3. Very cool and fun image, however it happened!


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