Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Desktop bird watching

The winter birds are back. This afternoon, my feeders served juncos and towhees, (on the ground), bushtits at the suet in the maple, and chickadees, a white-crowned sparrow, a pair of finches, nuthatches, a tiny wren (who looked at the seed, decided it was too big, and flew away) and an unexpected newcomer, all at the table close to my window.

Black-capped chickadee. An old-timer.

Chickadee and my little stone angel.

Chestnut-backed chickadee! I haven't seen one for years.

Black-capped on left, blurry chestnut-backed on right. These are fast little birds, even compared to the larger black-capped chickadee.

The one in back is another black-capped. The bellies are often buffy, but I think this one also has reflected orange light from the birdbath.

House finch

Squirrel cleaning up the leftovers.

The nuthatches are too quick for me; they zip in, snatch a seed, zip away while my already-focused camera thinks about taking a photo. And the juncos -- ah, the juncos! Bounce, bounce, bounce, hoppity-hop; always in motion, always at a distance. They don't like the table with a camera pointing at them over the computer screen. I think I need some camouflage; a bird blind on my desk.

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