Sunday, September 02, 2012

Decapitated raccoon

Lee Vallley Tools included an Audubon BirdCam in their latest catalogue, with a motion sensor and a flash; it would run at night, and the price was right. I ordered one (I call it a RaccoonCam, though).

I picked it up the other day, and got it set up last night for a trial run. I am not sure of the settings yet, and it is difficult to aim; there's no viewfinder, and getting it closed down and locked always jiggles it a bit. I just set it on the ground for the first test.

It worked, the first night! Sort of.

Fat raccoon, eating my parsley. (See that pink tongue?)

And drinking the birds' bath water.

Baby steps, baby steps. I've got it on a tripod now; maybe the next photos will actually get the whole animal.


Once again, a reminder: Rock Flipping Day is next Sunday, a week from today, September 9th. Instructions, history, etc.

Last year, several people wrote later, to say that they had intended to join in, but forgot until it was too late. So this year, I'm harping on the date. You can help by passing the word along. Thanks!


  1. Aww, that's great. We were leaving some food our for a few local cats (there were a rash of lost kitties for a while, so we were hoping to lure some of them to our yard beyond the greedy, fat neighbor cats). By morning the food was always gone; I've suspected a raccoon for some time; maybe we need to set the cam up to catch him/her in the act.

  2. I was greatly intrigued when i saw those cameras in the catelogue too! I'm glad you got one - can get a first hand sampling! Knowing where to set one up could be tricky!

  3. Bill, Maybe raccoons have something to do with the missing kittens. They have been known to kill even adult cats.

    Eileen; I'm happy with it, so far; the second day, and I'm still experimenting, but I've caught a few ghostly squirrels (leaping too fast for the camera, so you can see right through them) and a chickadee.

    When I went in to get one, they were sold out, and I had to order and wait for the next shipment. It seems that they sell like the proverbial hot cakes. You can also get them from


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