Friday, March 23, 2012

Upgrading, crazily

My problems are over! Or just beginning; one of the two. I gave up on the old computer, and went out and bought a new one, of the same make. So far, so good, except that now I find I can't type. The keys are all in the wrong places, and the delete key is hiding in with all the inoffensive keys like "pg up" and "pg dn". I'm sure I've deleted at least two important files.

You would think that the developers would have realized that they needed to consult me about all the changes they were making. Totally inconsiderate of them!

We saw this set of steps going up the cliff face to a house far above the White Rock beach. It is about as logical as this computer, maybe a bit more so.

Staircase, with periwinkles.

The colours of my photos seems to be a bit "off" on this screen. The grey wood looks purplish-blue; it looked fine on the old computer and the spare monitor. What do the colours look like to you?


  1. looks like gray wood with Vinca flowers

    you can adjust your monitor or reset the factory settings

    I know what you mean about new computer adventures, mine was 2 years ago. The new screen , however, was an awesome upgrade.

  2. Love the photo. It is both abstract and real. Portrays age and youth. Kick me if I'm getting pretentious, but it's a great photo. On my keyboard, the Shift and Ctrl keys are too close. When I want Shift-I, suddenly I am typing in italics, for example. I wish Mother Microsoft would give us a way to turn some of that stuff off easily.

  3. On my new Mac laptop screen they look very natural. My old computer suddenly quit recognizing the battery, so I couldn't use it away from a plug. Not easy with a laptop that travels with me. The screen on my new one is much better with nice, clear, crisp images. Hope your new one settles in and you get used to the new keyboard. Mine is a bit different, and when I go back to the old laptop I get all screwed up. - Margy


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