Wednesday, January 04, 2012

The earth is a hollow sphere

... with us on the inside. Or so I've heard. From people who think they know*.

Now I have positive proof. See:

See that horizon? It's bending upwards, like a bowl. Not downwards, as it would be if we were on the outside of a sphere**.

That was looking north from near Kwomais Point. Here's the view looking south:

Hmmm... It looks as though it were slightly raised in the center.

Maybe the hypothesis needs a little work.

More weirdness:

Why do eagles so often sit on the most uncomfortable and treacherous part of a snag?

Yellowlegs in deep water (for him). Can't wait for the tide to go down to catch a worm.

A normal view of Crescent Beach, with gulls and the North Shore mountains. Just because I always love this scene.

* Filed under Crackpottery.
** Or near-sphere.


  1. Well, I'm convinced.

    Apparently, some (hopefully, just a few) people are looking to buy land near my place so they can avoid the 400 m megatsunami predicted to hit Oz in 2012. At an altitude of over 740 m, this area should be safe.

    Maybe I should direct them to the Hollow Earth fellow so he can reassure them that such a large wave in the Southern Ocean will be swallowed up by the doorway in Antarctica.

    Not sure where that would leave the lost Vikings, vanquished Germans and flying saucer people. Dogpaddling frantically, I'd imagine.

  2. I am going to have to try visiting Crescent Beach next time I'm not rushing to and from the airport. - Margy


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