Monday, December 19, 2011

Sorry; no post yesterday nor today. I was attacked by a monstrous migraine. It's gone now, but I am very slee...

py. Nodded off, there. I'm going to bed. Good night!


  1. I'm sending you lots of get well wishes. Take care. Sarah

  2. Ditto Sarah's comment. Hope the migraine is gone. Mine are now fixable with a massage. Discovered the problem (spine out of alignment) after a chiro (soft touch - no cracking bones) helped me out a few years ago. Let me know if you would like his name.

  3. So sorry to read that you had a migraine. Such awful pain. Glad to know that you are feeling better.

  4. Anonymous10:52 am

    Yikes! I'm so sorry! As a migraine suffer myself, that sounds awful. Hope you're feeling better after a good sleep!

  5. Dragonfly woman, Yes, the migraine is gone. That was the worst I've had in a long while, but it's over.


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