Monday, December 12, 2011

Mute swan, on water, on paper

Last month, I posted a photo of a mute swan at the Westham Island bridge:

One of my readers, the artist Elva Paulson (Elva Field Notes), loved his pose, and did a painting based on it, which she posted on 100 Paintings Challenge. We (Laurie and I) love it!

Isn't he beautiful?

To see more of Elva's sketches and paintings, visit her blog, or the Challenge blog. (8 other artists post there, too. The challenge refers to the goal of posting 100 paintings in a year. Elva is on her second 100.)


  1. Beautiful Painting!

  2. The watercolor she did of your swan is beautiful! I am in awe of anyone who can use watercolors and come up with something recognizable!!! :=}

  3. Beautiful inspiration photo and artistic rendition. On another note, I was amazed at home many herons I saw along Highway 99 on my drives to and from Vancouver Airport this week. They seemed to be hunting the grassy edges for tasty meals. They were never in pairs or groups, always singles. - Margy


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