Sunday, October 30, 2011

Artist's model for hire

Will work for crumbs.

All credit cards accepted.

"I think this is my best side."

I'm working on another aquarium post. "When mussels go wrong."


  1. You get cheap labour down there. Up here they demand cans of sardines. One day John and Bro were visiting. The raven went into John's backpack and snitched Bro's unopened can of sardines and flew off with it to a ledge on the rock wall next to the cabin. We sat there amazed to watch it to deftly pull the tab, open the can and eat Bro's lunch. Now where did a raven learn that trick? - Margy

  2. Wow! That's a smart raven! And since they learn by watching each other, now all the ravens know the trick.

  3. Hee fella.

  4. I'd hate to think of what his revenge would be if one failed to pay!!!


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