Sunday, July 31, 2011

Headlight eyes

I was sitting here at my desk at midnight, when I heard a clicking noise just beyond the curtains. When I looked out, a raccoon was nibbling at a plant in a pot he'd turned over. I made a bit of racket unlocking the door in a hurry, chased him off and righted the pot. He would be long gone by then.

Except that he wasn't. He came back, before I had even shut the door.

Bold as brass

 And no matter how I chased him, the camera flashing all the while, he came back, and back, and back ...

Skulking behind the astilbes.

Rooting for something in the London Pride.

He spent some time trying to get into my compost bin, without luck. There's a heavy board on top. (I'm not inclined to share my compost fixings.)

And then he came back to the original pot. I don't know what interested him there; it holds a couple of stems of some unknown ground cover and a new volunteer lobelia. And a watering frog, which he dumped on the ground.

Maybe he's trying to make out the design on the pot.

I chased him again, out onto the lawn and over to the neighbour's garden. And this time, he left for good. I think.


  1. You need to get a hose on the ready, set on stun.

  2. Good idea! We've taken to chasing him with a pitchfork. Not that it seems to worry him; he just ambles away, taking his time.


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