Monday, July 11, 2011

Grumpy old rock

We went for a quick walk at sundown, and met this guy:

"Get off my lawn!"


  1. he really is a sourpuss. :)

  2. You know though, that is probably one of the cooler garden ornaments I've seen. :)

    About your comment about mud gear - some of the guys have tall rubber boots and some people have hip waders, but they're all jealous of our little neoprene water shoes! We were out on a different site off Westham Island today in totally different mud conditions, and the booties still held up great. You can get them at MEC for $25, and they're just short neoprene boots with a rubber sole that velcro up (I think they're used for paddling) and I haven't lost any in the mud yet!

    At Roberts Bank, I didn't find anywhere that was more than knee-deep, even standing in one spot for over a minute, and if you keep moving through the soupy areas you won't even sink as much as that. :) I also wear shorts, because your legs will get muddy, so we just let the mud dry and flake it off.

    Happy mudding!

  3. Thanks, Victoria. I found the neoprene boots on the MEC website. Next time I'm in the area, I'll pick some up. Thanks for the info!


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