Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring walks down the alley

In Crescent Beach (the town) we usually park near the railroad tracks, and walk down a shady alley to Crescent Beach (the beach). Yesterday, flowers and leaves, both wild and tame, and a quirky bird enlivened the path:

Dead nettle. Look at it full size to see the hairs that cover it, even including the flowers.

A profusion of star magnolia.

Variegated ivy on an algae-tinted post. This variety always looks as if it were wilting. Here, it is actually past its sell-by date, but still beautiful.

Beach pea sprouting through clean sand.

Indian plum, dancing in the wind.

Another view.

On the path at the top of the beach, someone had added a bird to a broken branch in a mess of straggly weeds and shrubs.

A finger-tip sized rubber duckling.

I still haven't finished that video. Maybe tomorrow.


  1. made me laugh out loud!!!!!

  2. I started out smiling at the beautiful spring flowers ... and ended up laughing out loud at the awesome rubber duckie!

  3. Lovely images, and I adore the duck!!

    I wanted to invite you to join In Bloom, follow me for further information. Bye for now!


  4. Hi, Dancin' Fool! I like your idea; I'll probably be sending you some photos as soon as my shade garden starts producing flowers. (Nothing but the hellebore, as yet, but the rest are on the way!)


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