Saturday, April 16, 2011

Company for supper

I was on the road most of the day, yesterday*. It was good to come home and find company waiting for me:

White crowned sparrow, looking for supper. His mate was more timid, and waited in the shade of the hedge. 

Carpet beetle, just finished his supper on the cut edge of an African violet leaf.

And today, we're going to the antique fair. We're sure to find something interesting to show you.

*Friday, that is. Even though I haven't gone to bed yet, it is Saturday morning. I wish the days ended a few hours later, after I'm sleepy enough to go to bed, so I could avoid this confusion!


  1. I had to smile at that sparrow ... he really does look like he's asking for a hand-out!

    I've never seen a carpet beetle before (that I know of), and now I see exactly why it's called a 'carpet' beetle!

  2. great beetle shot! nice and close! and that little sweet sparrow! love him!

  3. I love those little sparrows and what a cool fuzzy beetle

  4. Just to say I've been following all your posts even though not always commenting. Loved the one on the helmet crabs.

  5. We entomologists usually cringe when we see carpet beetles! They're the scourge of insect collections and can decimate a whole box of bugs you've collected over years in a surprisingly short period of time. Very pretty though, so I love the photo!

  6. Finally some birds have shown up at the feeder I bought for my mother at Christmas. Last week there was a Steller's Jay and a Western Flicker. One or both have enjoyed the suet blocks. But alas, they have flown off for more fertile grounds. - Margy

  7. When do the White Crowned Sparrows arrive in your area. They will arrive soon in Bella Coola and are brutal on the new gardens for a few weeks until they disappear. I enjoy your blog. Grizzly

  8. Clytie, I had to look back at the beetle. The larvae eat wool, which makes some carpets a good home for them, hence the name. But yes, the elytra do look like carpets themselves. Camouflage, maybe?

    Thanks, Mark. And texwisgirl, and Country Mouse.

    Dragonflywoman, I know. I would never allow a carpet beetle in my care out of a tightly-closed container. Especially the larvae. But, they are cute.

    Margy, I find that Jays and flickers never stay around long. They come, and then they go. But the spring birds, the ones that stay around, should be here soon, I hope. A couple of finches have shown up here, just passing through.

    Grizzly, the white-crowned sparrows have been around here for a couple of weeks.
    And I'm enjoying yours, too. I never miss it.


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