Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Blues, greens, and yellows. Spring in Centennial Park

Last week we dawdled through Centennial Park on our way to and from the beach. The eagles are in their usual trees, the red-wing blackbirds are nesting in the reeds and in the adjacent marsh, the mallards and wigeons are pairing up. And the crows are, as always, making sure no morsel of food goes unnoticed.

In the old half-dead willow over the Centennial Park duck pond

I love these twisty branches

A bit of wind makes ripples on the pond.

English daisies brighten the ground.

In a large, goose-eaten, bud-sprinkled, mossy field, a lone daffodil catches the afternoon light.

We spent some time here, just photographing trees. I'll post the results tomorrow or Friday.

(And, for those who wondered, I just checked on Patience, the hermit crab. She's doing fine.)


  1. Daffodils, daisies and mallards are all familiar sights round here too - but EAGLES!


  2. lovely! And hurray for Patience!!!


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