Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mid-afternoon, Reifel Island

We're afternoon people. I sleep in, mornings; Laurie likes to take that time to read and write without interruptions. After lunch, if the weather permits, we run our errands or head for the shoreline. The water is usually to the west; so is the gradually sinking sun. More often than not, we're pointing our cameras straight into the low light over the water.

The camera sees things differently than we do; it doesn't like facing the light, and darkens the rest of the photo to protect itself, cutting out silhouettes of foreground objects. So we take photos of the scenery, look them over, decide that's not what we saw, try to lighten them up, give up and delete them.

Sometimes you've got to let the camera have its say.

Here's one of our favourite afternoon views, over the lagoons and marshes of Reifel Island, looking out towards Vancouver Island in the distance. As the camera saw it.

3:30 PM. Mallards idling away a calm afternoon

Ferry heading to Tsawwassen docks. Foreground; tidal marshes, home to hawks and red-wing blackbirds.

Sky reflected through drooping branches.

A Skywatch post


  1. Just beautiful. That first shot is great.

  2. What a wonderful shot the second is!



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