Sunday, March 06, 2011

The never-ending BC battle; sunshine vs. rain

Two dawns, three days apart:

Layered rainstorms
 And then it poured rain all day, all the next, and all the next.

Saturday morning. Deep grey mist and a struggling sun. 7:19 AM

The sun, bisected. 7:20 AM

The sun bleaches out, the fog thins. 7:21 AM

The sun won this round. We went to Reifel Island and brought home 300 + photos. Sorting, sorting ...

A Skywatch post.


  1. Love it when the sun is successful!

  2. Wonderful all of them! But the first one is my favorite. The clouds is like diamonds.

  3. Oh, that sun is struggling, isn't it? Hope you've seen a fully sunny day since then!


    Which sky for you?
    One that is blue?
    Or do you prefer
    A sky that’s demure?

    A sky in grey
    Is soft, they say,
    And not everyone
    Likes the blinding sun.

    Perhaps a sky
    Through which geese fly
    To winter havens
    Away from ravens?

    A rain-swept sky
    That seems to cry?
    O quickly choose one
    Before day is done!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Desert Sky


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