Saturday, December 11, 2010

Recent, departed, winter

The weather's all backwards. It's still raining, and hovering around 10° C; it looks like we're going to have a soggy green Christmas this year*. And yet, three weeks ago, everything was frozen solid!

From this late fall, here's remembering recent winter:

Eagle guarding the empty nest. Westham Island

Fraser River, from Westham Island bridge.

Mountain tops to the east, dusted with new snow.

Even at 2:00 PM, the sun is low (elevation 20°) enough to give hints of sunset.

Very Cold Heron

Ice and bare shrubs, Reifel Island

Odd ice formation around stranded log.

Warmth in berries, leaves, and fat red robin breast.

Mallards, coots, and Reifel's one white duck, in the only bit of liquid water available.

Afternoon sun gives light, not heat.
*And then again, it could very well snow tomorrow. Or get warmer. One of the two. Or neither.

A Skywatch post.


  1. Well aren't you up early! I can't sleep either -- the fan magically came on in the bathroom and woke me up. Somehow the timer got turned on!

    This fall / early winter's timing is off kilter! Relatively mild here too at the moment after our early cold snap.

  2. That poor, cold robin! good thing he is so fat.
    All thses cold, pastel photos look great, but I really love the shot of the eagle.

  3. I am familiar with your world as I lived there for a bit. Now I'm in a winter wonder land and soon to escape to the sunshine and mountains of Arizona!
    Thanks for the memories! You captured the scenery perfectly!

  4. Hard to tell what kind of winter we are going to have. But I'm sure it won't be as mild as last year. A white Christmas would me nice since I don't usually head out for all those sales. - Margy

  5. Those are some beautiful shots--brrr!!

  6. Anonymous9:40 am

    Cold and oh so lovely! Here's hoping you have some wonderful crisp and snowy weather for Christmas.


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