Sunday, November 21, 2010

Makes my day!

This morning, Seabrooke, in a comment on Facebook, broke the news that her blog, The Marvelous in Nature, is on a list of the 50 best biodiversity blogs.  Understandable; her blog is always interesting and informative. I wouldn't miss her posts, and often return to refresh my memory of an older one.

I am familiar with about half of the other 49 blogs, such as Myrmecos, the Catalogue of Organisms, Deep Sea News, A Snail's Eye View, etc. And - WooHoo! - this blog, Wanderin' Weeta, is among them!

As I said, makes my day.

Check out the list; there are sure to be some future favourites for you there.


  1. Wow, congrats! I'm honored just to be on the blogroll of someone who would make a list like that...

  2. Yea Susannah! You go girl.

    I do read her blog and it is indeed very informative and does it in a nice, around the kitchen table, type of way.

  3. Good for you, and well deserved! - Margy

  4. Thanks!

    Eileen; "around the kitchen table"; yes! That's the phrase I was searching for!


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