Saturday, September 18, 2010

Summer bouquet

Thanks to all of you who sent get-well wishes. They worked; I'm recovering.

I spent a lazy day sorting out my stored photos from this summer; how they do pile up! I picked out a few flowers that I liked, from assorted times and places.

Hedge bindweed, from beside our fence, in June.

Dave Ingram has a good post today, showing the difference between field and hedge bindweeds. I never knew how to disinguish them before.

Daisies and marigold, Beach Grove, July.

Teasels, just setting bloom. The Secret Garden, Beach Grove, July.

Miniature succulents at the entrance to the Secret Garden. Unidentified.

More miniatures from Brian's garden.

Pink clover, in the vacant lot across our street. July.

White clematis, on a fence at Cougar Creek Park. August.

Yellow rose, on an arbour in Beach Grove, August.

In the morning, I'll be driving out to Chilliwack for a baby shower. I'm hoping it doesn't rain too much; these days, it's been raining off and on all day. Up north, in Bella Coola, they're having beautiful, warm, sunny weather. That's BC; keeping the weatherpeople on their toes.

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