Thursday, April 01, 2010

What the gentleman mallard is wearing these days.

Formal dress, appropriate for a theatre date, with a stroll in the park at intermission:

The russet brown shirt front, accessorized with a waterlily-leaf medallion,

Proudly worn ...

And beautifully colour co-ordinated.

Modelled at Vanier Park, Vancouver.


  1. If he only knew it was on a little crooked! Apparently, the Mrs. didn't help him dress for their outing!! ~ks

  2. Love it! I'm giggling as well - and I agree with KaHolly - the Mrs. must not have helped him dress!

  3. Funny apparel for the mallard. Great captures!

  4. So funny - you'd think it would annoy him.

  5. I like that about the Mrs. helping him dress! It's well known that the male of the species has no real fashion sense!


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