Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Life runs in the springtime, I still walk.

I am so far behind; I'm still sorting Reifel Island birds, and we've been since then to the Watershed Park, looking for mushrooms and finding other stuff, instead, and to the Boundary Bay dunes and wetland, watching hawks and lichen. And my garden is up, the slugs are revving up their motors, the pregnant squirrel is suddenly skinny again. I've discovered a new hermit crab in my aquarium. My little desk spider is getting fat and pretty. I have parties to go to, gardens to visit. So much to blog about!

And so little time!

One thing I know; I can do anything, go anywhere, one step at a time. Walk across the city (I have), the continent (I haven't, but I could) and back, one step after another. It can be done. One foot in front of the other; repeat.

So here's one step, still on Reifel Island. The black-crowned night heron that sleeps over the slough by the office.


Not sleeping

All shook up

Tomorrow, the Watershed, I think.

1 comment:

  1. I love it when you go walkabout!
    Beautiful heron pictures. I laughed at the 'all shook up' one.


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