Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sad state of affairs

My laptop is down. My fault; I tripped and upended a cup of coffee on it. Not much actually hit the computer, but enough to soak a quarter of the keyboard. So it's unplugged, mopped, dried, air-blasted, and up-ended, in case coffee dripped down into the innards.

I hope, hope, hope it survives.

But I don't dare plug it in until I'm sure it's completely Sahara-dry.

I've dragged the old monster out of storage, found its tangle of wires, and hooked it up, re-installed the virus checker, renewed passwords; it took hours. And I remember now why I decided I needed a new one. It freezes, complains about memory loss (all lies - it's almost empty, and running a bare minimum of programs),  twiddles its thumbs for minutes at a time. I click on a web page, and go get coffee. (Not to pour over it, though I'm tempted.) When I'm back, maybe the page is open. Maybe not.

The rest of the trip to Reifel will have to wait until I have a decent machine again. The photo above? A wok we discovered in burnt-out remains of a squatter's domain in a creek bed last spring. A fair representation of the state of my computing equipment at the moment.

'nuff complaining; got it out of my system. Thanks for listening!


  1. Oh! I hope it's dry and running for you soon! (And we all thought those old computers were marvels when we got them!)

  2. One DOES wonder how we thought those old computers marvels!!! Sorry about your computer woes. I moved my coffee off of the computer desk after reading your post.

    The reflections in that old pot are really neat. Nice shot.

  3. I'd forgotten that; the old computer was such a relief to get when it was new; so fast! So well equipped!

    I must apologize to it for the names I called it while I tried to get it going again.

    Eileen; it's an ill wind ...; we probably saved your computer from a bath sometime in the future.

  4. Bt what a marvelous photo


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