Friday, January 08, 2010

Good catch!

Or lost opportunity?

Watch this pair of hooded mergansers, fishing in Cougar Creek Park:

Handsome. He knows it, too.

Gone fishing.

"Look what I caught!"

"Oh! Is that for me? How sweet of you!"

"No, it's my fish. Go catch your own!"

"He ate it! I can't believe such rudeness!"

"In that case ..."

"... there are other fish in the sea.* Just as handsome as you, and bigger, too!"

*I think she actually said, "... ducks in the water," but I've translated the idiom, not the literal words.


  1. I've playing with a microscope today - inspired by your pictures and looking at things like the eyes of moths - so intricate.

  2. Great shots of the Mergansers.
    The male is beautiful.

  3. Mark, does your microscope include a link to the computer and a photo function? I'd love to see those moth eyes up close.

    (Here, I'll have to wait until the spring moths start to show up.)


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